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Cangji Restaurant -Sound System

Located in Songgang Avenue, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Cangji Restaurant is a large-scale dining restaurant. There are a number of large banquet halls and independent rooms which is suitable for all kinds of large-scale meals, various business negotiations, family dinners, group dinners.

All audio equipments in the venue are all from Kafu audio. Kafu sound engineers have developed an audio solution based on the architectural characteristics of the site and the requirements for sound: the main expansion uses the CL-2010 line array with GD-12, and the stage moniter use GD-15. they Created a flexible and scalable sound solution.


Kafu sound engineer carefully designed. The system has the principles of scientific and reasonable, advanced performance, safe and reliable, flexible expansion. The main equipment is high quality, high performance, high reliability, durable and effective equipment  that ensure the system Run safely and meet design requirements. The auditorium of the banquet hall has suitable loudness, uniformity, clarity and fullness, and there are no defects such as echo, tremor echo and sound focus that affect the sound quality. The sound field coverage in the banquet hall has perfect consistency, uniform sound field distribution and low system distortion rate to meet the high quality requirements of various banquets. At the same time, the sound system has clear language and clear sound, and can provide sufficient power output peak. And continuous sound pressure level.

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