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Caesar Dynasty Entertainment Club

The Caesar Dynasty Club is affiliated to the Tianzhu Hotel in Tianzhu County, Kaili City, Guizhou Province. It is a professional entertainment club integrating entertainment and leisure and is designed and built by professional designers. The club has more than 20 luxurious presidential rooms, a large stately and simple style reception hall, and a magnificent business hall, ect, which decoration is exquisite and gorgeous.

The Caesar Dynasty Entertainment Club spends huge sums of money to create a luxurious, atmospheric, and distinguished royal entertainment club, that brings everyone the ultimate in fashion and entertainment.

The club is equipped with advanced equipment and complete functions.It is dominated by golden tone and its overall presents as magnificent aristocratic palace. Make every customers feel of being in the "court palace."

Professional equipment creates a more professional entertainment club. In such a club with a royal aristocratic style, coupled with the beautiful singing voice  by professional CAF audio equipment, bring extraordinary enjoyment to consumers.

Kafu Audio has configured its solution system according to the club's characteristics and decoration style: LX12 speaker, LV20F amplifier, KH888VIPNEW wireless microphone, Q8 Digital preprocessor.

The system has a strong sense of rhythm.The sound is round, full, loud, no obvious echo and no whistling. The bass is full when play heavy music; the midrange has penetrating power and the treble is clear. There are enough sound pressure level and dynamic range. The system is designed for the complex sound environment of luxury entertainment room. It is easy for all singers to enjoy.

Here we would like to thank the Caesar Dynasty Entertainment Club  for the recognition of Kafu professional Audio. We will work harder and harder to provide customers with the best audio products.We wish the club business booming and prosperous!

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