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3D Holographic hall of Yuanhe Mountain Residence

The 3D holographic banquet hall of Yuanhe Mountain Residence in Qingdao, Shandong Province combines 'taste, vision, hearing, touch and smell'. When you taste the food, you can feel the shock of the perfect combination of sound, light and electricity which bring a new feeling. According to the hotel manager, in recent years, in addition to the reference factors such as dishes and services, the environment of the banquet hall has become an important consideration for people to choose a hotel. This time, the hotel pushed out the 3D holographic banquet hall which not only can be combined with the characteristics of the hotel itself and updated to customize its own special food culture, but also can flexibly change the scene to meet the needs of different guests to hold different styles!

The sound equipment of 3D holographic banquet hall is provided by Kafu Audio.In view of the structural characteristics and area of the banquet hall and the decoration features, Kafu engineers determined the sound reinforcement form of the sound system, the electroacoustic power capacity, the installation position of the sound, and the hoisting method. Taking into account the actual use of the banquet hall, it is necessary to have its own characteristics, but also in line with the laws of science, in accordance with the principle of acoustics and sound reinforcement, the design of electroacoustic systems should closely match the architectural design to make electroacoustic and The sound is perfectly combined to ensure that the sound is restored and reproduced well, meeting the needs of actual use.

Our company provides an audio system solution based on the actual situation on the spot: the GD series speakers used in the whole venue are specially designed for the banquet hall which quite match.

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