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Taoran Mansion products Conference in Shanddong provice

This event is a product appraisal held by Shandong Di Wang Industrial Co., Ltd. It was launched in five star hotel- Huasheng Jiangquan Hotel in Linyi City.

Huasheng Jiangquan Hotel has 40 meeting rooms of different specifications, such as VIP reception hall, academic lecture hall, etc. The comprehensive multi-function hall with an area of 4700 square meters is as high as 20 meters.The huge space gives people a strong visual shock. It can accommodate 2,800 people holding a round table banquet, and 3,600 people holding a large meeting.The enormous zero-pillar venue can be separated by any combination, the stage can be lifted at will, and the world-class lighting and sound equipment can meet the needs of various large-scale conferences and performances.

Kafu sound designer, through the understanding of the content of the event and the decorative design style, layout, stage and auditorium position shape, quantity and the area inside the hall, etc., to determine the sound system sound form and electroacoustic power capacity. , audio installation position, lifting method, etc., to configure a solution for it, using VR-210 line array series. This line array series is light in weight, small in size, full in sound quality, clear and heavy.

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