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Horse Racing Festival in Bangor grassland of Tibet


A bright pearl in the land of Qiangtang

So brilliant in this passionate summer

The Sixth Horse Racing Festival

Prairie feast

Held as promised

White puffy clouds,

Aroma of green grass

Horse humming

Songs filling in the air

The Bangor grassland of Tibet is very large.Nearly 40,000 people gathered here during the horse racing festival in quite strong lineup.The leaders of the county pay high attention to this activities and request to use high standard sound equipments. After investigation and comparison, Kafu profession audio was selected as the sound equipment supplier for the festival.

The customer has high requirements on equipment. And because of  high altitude, thin air and low oxygen, such factors make sound transmission slow and short. By considering various topography and environmental factors, our company provides an audio system Solution- to use the CF1820 line array series, which with higher degree of reduction, high penetrating power, long range, energy accumulation, and more clear and natural sound. It is specially designed for outdoor large-scale performances.

Considering the geographical environment of the grassland, especially the large-scale activities on this open grassland, the requirements for sound equipment are very high,and that how to match the low frequency and high frequency of the speaker is very important. With fully work experience, Kafu engineers overcome various external interference sound factors and assist in tuning at the event site. Let the activities be perfectly interpreted. Kafu profession audio won the praise of the leaders.

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