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COGI “Trip of Love” News Conference

  On June 17, 2018, the COGI“Trip of Love” Conference was held at the Humen Convention and Exhibition Center in Dongguan. Nearly 8,000 people gathered at the scene, and the scene was very impressive. The total exhibition area reaches 50,000 m2, and the exhibition center includes exhibition center, conference center, cultural demonstration center, and office and catering facilities.

   Kafu proffesional audio is the appointed supplier of the sound equipment  for this new product launch conference and procurement conference. Before the press conference, Kafu engineers went to inspect the venue and gave the sound solution that use the Line array (Alpha series) which meet the sound reinforcement of the venue and the audience's sound reinforcement needs. the sound is perfectly conveyed to every corner.

   Finally, the conference ended perfectly. Kafu Audio received unanimous praise.

   For every engineering project Kafu get, we will send engineers to investigate the site and make the test to ensure the sound reinforcement needs of the venue. Be much professional, much exquisite and much perfect!

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