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CAF assists 2017 CCTV "Star Avenue"

   Kafu Audio wishes the finals of the selection of the contestants in the Foshan area of Guangdong Central Television "Star Avenue" in 2017 to a successful conclusion!

   On December 13th, 2017 CCTV "Star Avenue" Guangdong Foshan Regional Players Selection Finals was held at the Qiandeng Lake Hotel in Foshan, Co-sponsored by CCTV Variety Channel, CCTV Nanhai Film and Television City, CCTV Nanhai Film and Television Base and CCTV,Guided by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Foshan Municipal Committee.The entire set of audio equipment still used CAF Kafu professional audio equipment.

    As for the sound design of whole scene performance and real-time recording of the program,  Kafu Audio not only used the excellent 1820 line array, TC-15 returning and other professional performing equipment, but also sent out the professional audio technology team, that ensured the smooth and successful recording of the finals of the "Star Avenue" contestants.

    After the whole performance, the "Star Avenue" program group and CCTV Weihai Film and Television Base, as well as some of the top ten finalists, highly praised Kafu audio products, team and technology.

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