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Opening Ceremony of the 2nd Foshan Yizhong Bauhinia Charity Football Tournament

  Foshan No. 1 Middle School is the first batch of key middle schools and the first batch of national model ordinary high schools in Guangdong Province. It is the only full boarding high school directly under the administration of Foshan Education Bureau.

   In the past few days, the 2nd Charity Football Tournament which sponsored by the Bauhinia Foundation was hold in Foshan No. 1 Middle School. In the next two months, 529 Alumni will run on the pitch.

   Kafu Audio set up a high-tech executive team, using NX-1210 line array, TSW-218 ultra low, TC-15 return, T4-1300 power amplifier and other equipment. We properly handled the sound problems in the complex and difficult environment due to many factors such as outdoor cooling and windy weather and ensured the opening Ceremony of the football match successful.

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