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Dahua chemiacl stone cultural tourism festival

On the evening of October 21, 2016, the fourth guangxi dahua chemiacl stone cultural tourism festival and dahua chemiacl hongshui river international fishing competition was held in the opening evening party. The performance of a complete set of sound system adopted cafu CAF brand of professional audio equipment.

The performance of sound design, not only need to guarantee the excellent quality, safe and reliable system is the key of the design, cafu sent a battle-hardened sound team, overcome due to the open air, water humidity is too high the challenges of the impact of the two factors of sound, stage will as the program progress turn, change. The main amplification systems used in the CAF CF - 1830 series of speakers, by double 10 inch all frequency speaker and double 15-inch subwoofer speakers; Left and right sides respectively in the audience. In addition, the system also fill the area before the arrangement of the sound, around, back to listen to, subwoofer speakers group, perform different functions and cover different areas respectively.

Flow, activities will be held during the hongshui river flow international fishing competition, global tourism development forums, e-commerce symposium hongshui river flow, yao cultural experience activities, longevity and health food series of activities, stone calligraphy and painting exhibition, stone and series of activities such as commerce and trade. Cafu CAF brand audio will escort the whole for the activities smoothly to provide professional sound service.
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