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Pubei Art Center

After more than a year of time to decorate and improve the supporting facilities, Pubei  Art  Center is now officially put into use. The center of the planning land area of 9.98 mu, total construction area of 5240 square meters, 1086 planning and a big 3 d cinema, two small 3 d cinema, 18 small meeting rooms, investment more than 1200; Large scale, advanced facilities, especially the building of advanced audio system, even more impressive.

Because marcos Kafu professional audio many sound the success of the project in guangxi region, combined with the project of pubei county belongs art center to understand thoroughly, and presents a detailed design scheme, so the owner center art of pubei county belongs to marcos Kafu professional audio sound system integration implementation.

Kafu follow guidelines are future oriented engineering design concept, namely in the system design should fully consider its scalability, in order to meet the various performance style and performance pattern, based on the conception and design, and equipment configuration, make the different performance can show, under the best reverberation time become acoustic sense, can realize the multifunction theater use sense.

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