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Beijing armed police detachment auditorium

Immediate countries belonging to the state public security bureau directly under the Beijing armed police detachment, and both the national leaders travel protection work. The hall is 1000 square meters can hold more than 1000 seats, the auditorium as Beijing armed police detachment, the relevant government departments to discuss important administrative decision-making and the country's supreme leader, bill, and strategic planning, policy communication and convey administrative work environment.

The comparison of the head after finishing and technical considerations, cafu acoustics as directly under Beijing armed police detachment signing on the auditorium acoustics system provider. Cafu sound engineer through many times of field investigation, listening to the advice of directly under Beijing armed police detachment, head and many times on the auditorium environment survey on the function and orientation of the auditorium after amplification system to design, build sound scientific and reasonable, consider the aesthetic appearance of the product are coordinated at the same time, be careful, thoughtful, perfect.

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