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Water Town in Hubei Provice

Located in Enshi City, Hubei Province, Hua Seshi Tujiacheng Water Park is a large-scale open-air theme water park with an area of 80 acres. It is the largest and most complete theme water park in Hubei Province.

The government and the organizers pay great attention to the details and quality of each project. In the audio section, the organizer also fully inspected the products of several audio manufacturers on the performance, price and quality of the products. Both high cost performance and high sound quality sound reinforcement are requested. The sound equipment must has the function of rain-proof&sun-proof, and the transmission distance must be long. After a lot of thorough research, Kafu Audio stood out and became the designated audio for the water park.

Due to the large size of the site, it is necessary to fully consider the distribution of sound in the construction of the sound field. According to the particularity of the site and the loud noise level background noise of various projects in the water park, Kafu Audio uses an advanced line array sound system. .
Kafu sound engineers hang the line array speakers in different shapes in the water park, and form radioactive sounds according to the distances of near, medium and far, in order to cover the water park scene to the maximum extent, and to eliminate the screams of tourists. And the noise generated by the play. At the same time, the FA series professional amplifiers are installed to provide different types of protection functions.
The Kafu audio CF line array series has clear sound characteristics, concentrated energy and strong penetrating power. The angle between the cabinets is adjustable, and the stacking or hanging according to different requirements of the occasion is convenient and quick to connect the system, which greatly reduces the installation time of the project.

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