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Guangzhou (qingyuan) industrial transfer park

Guangzhou (qingyuan) industrial transfer park is guangzhou, qingyuan city, implement the provincial party committee, the provincial government "promote the development of the northwest region of guangdong revitalization, optimizing the resources distribution of wide qing city, effectively promote the regional economic coordinated development of" great strategic important measures that are taken. After years of construction, now here a "sunny days". Park investment promotion and capital introduction at present is very good, now to visit the park enterprises in an endless stream.

Experience in pursuit of the perfect effect, Kafu CAF technical personnel to do A detailed computer simulations of the acoustics, clear industrial park pavilion widely for elaborate design A set of sound system, including to accommodate more than 200 people of multi-functional conference room, sand table displays, corridor channel audio, adopted the high-end atmosphere white appearance of LV speakers, with marcos Kafu independent research and development production of A series of power amplifier, low frequency full, rich vocal magnetic, high frequency solid bright; Box body USES the high strength plate with seamless combination structure make the sound more fully clear, faster; Hang complete set, can meet various special environment of the installation.

Peripheral devices include digital effects processor, multi-purpose wireless microphone, merge type radio amplifier, power filtering timing and so on, the whole stadium sound field distribution uniform, sound appear a full, have good dynamic, fully meet the exhibition hall of a variety of needs. Kafu CAF speakers installed in the exhibition hall various corners, compact, elegant appearance, with the whole decorates a style perfect coordination, fully satisfy various application requirements of venues, flexible acoustic Angle of coverage and strong vertical directivity, evenly cover most of venue space can be ensured and can avoid harmful reflection, safeguard showroom in multiple places have the same definition.
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