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"Hills and green" 3060 fashion event up 60 and 2016 He Jianhua fashion design show, on September 8, 2016 in guangzhou pearl river international textile city STAR symbol ICON STAR fashion ecological base, grand opening. This is the legendary Chinese fashion design world event, is China's famous fashion design master Mr He Jianhua 60 top big xiu, is found found spinning its star symbol fashion ecological base shock debut. 60 international supermodel deduce big show works of art, the China national silk museum first-of-its-kind live glory big show works of library, big show with the same name clothing series double release, 500 fashion concept of CEO, led show.

As this event to specify special sound, many successful outstanding engineering case is the perfect verification cafu strength, but also the ecological base fashion campaign wins sound system manufacturer in the strength of the witness! Cafu people with their own "originality" spirit, keep improving the actual action and complete system solutions to the fashion festival gift, singing belong to the Chinese original design era loudly!

STAR symbol ICON STAR - fashion ecological base, located in guangzhou pearl river international textile city, covers an area of 5000 square meters, with the tripod industry level circular runway, unique lighting and multimedia software and hardware design, world-class services, straight back to Paris fashion week shows and rival luxury brand big art show. Based on the pearl river international textile city landmark of ecological commercial real estate, is committed to building, radiation in south China, and even the whole country textile industry textile O2O ecological space. China fashion design master He Jianhua originality hone 60 years, innovation choice first domestic super fashion shows, star sign, hold their own 60 large show, is to use leverage China's fashion design strength, create a par international fashion world super visual feast.
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