After-sales service description

For creating famous brand, improve enterprise well-knownness, the setting up enterprise image, cafu professional audio equipment factory in line with "all the pursuit of high quality, customer satisfaction as the tenet" of spirit, with "the most preferential price, considerate service, the most reliable product quality" principle to provide you professional after-sales service.

Our factory produces the product manufacturing and inspection are quality records and information. Products from design, production, testing to product packaging, transportation and after-sales service each link, the product quality in strict accordance with the national standard requirements, line standard and enterprise standard factory inspection, unqualified products never leaving the factory. Not regularly invite relevant experts to factory to supervise and guide the work, strictly the quality pass.

In order to ensure product high reliability and advanced nature, cafu product material used for domestic or international high-quality brand-name products. Under the condition of equal competition, our factory are not to reduce product technical performance, change the parts, on the basis of cost of sincerity in the most favorable price to provide to the customer.

Product delivery, our company provide the following documents: (1) technical maintenance manual (2) general installation (3) instruction manual (4) offer wearing parts, spare parts list, together with a certain amount of spare parts.

Methods to solve the common troubleshooting, emergencies, etc., we are able to independently equipment daily application, maintenance and management; We will send professional and technical personnel to provide training services, provide the system method, the daily maintenance for operating equipment maintenance methods, etc.

The warranty periods, all equipment warranty service all by our company is responsible for the warranty. Warranty period in nonhuman user purchased equipment parts for failure, we will be free to come to replace the same brand is not lower than the original specifications of the new parts, spare parts in the case of stop production, we will inform you, in a planned way users have enough time to purchase the required spare parts. For not clear if hardware failure, we will try our best to cooperate for inspection, if necessary, in the shortest time arrived at the scene to assist troubleshooting problems, maintain the normal use of the sound system.

After product warranty, we offer product lifelong maintenance of paid services, namely only charge the cost of accessories, provide professional service for you, need you bear the freight back and forth.

【After-sales service commitment】

1. Service tenet: quick, decisive, accurate, thoughtful and thorough

2, the service goal: quality of service to win customer satisfaction

3, service efficiency: the product warranty maintenance period for three working days (except for special cases), insurance products or artificial damage products according to actual damage repair period may be extended appropriately.

4, the service principle: the device must buy from has passed our factory authorized dealer can enjoy the warranty service. Product warranty for one year, during the warranty period the supplier will be free repair and replacement of damaged parts belong to the quality reason, warranty parts damage, provide only accept cost of accessories, such as the buyer equipment damage caused by human factors, the supplier repair or provide fittings are at the cost price.

After-sales service response 】

After-sales service system:

1, the company set up a special after-sales service institutions and post, each branch company/agent as a head office in the local after-sales service center to perform the duties of providing after-sales service for consumers.

2, general agency and branch/after-sales service agencies responsible for the collection of consumer feedback, complaints to accept, product maintenance, etc.

3, the company will regularly or irregularly held various types of products after-sales service training.
After contact:
Guangzhou panyu office 020-34968819/34968813

After phone and WeChat ID: after QQ: 18819827007 2253573429

After user service, our company technical personnel will be the first time, in a short period of time can not solve the problem products, will provide the products of the same class to the user. All the goods warranty service as our on-site warranty, namely by us to send the goods to use the site maintenance. In order to guarantee user equipment normal use, after the warranty period, for the project to continue tracking and maintenance service, the most timely and most favorable after-sales service fee. Such as equipment malfunction, repair in the replacement of spare parts fee shall be borne by the users themselves. The use of free training three operators, make its basic structure, performance and principle of the control system, such as the daily maintenance operation skills.

【After considerations】

In order to avoid man-made equipment normal work and safety we make the following items to the user instructions:

1, before using our products, please read all safety matters;

2, the equipment of the power cord and power plug are equipped with safety normal grounding;

3, do not use close to drinks, tea and other equipment;

4, equipment shall be installed in a well-ventilated place. Who put the cabinet electronic products should be equipped with exhaust equipment;

5, the equipment must be far away from heat source, such as heat of other products.

6, equipment for sundry or liquid from the slit into machines;

7, warning - do not let the backlog of heavy equipment, avoid by all means is superposition of other equipment;

8, when using the equipment must be installed for the equipment safety door lock;

9, the user must accept products use solid exercise training;

10, the equipment directly to the user must timely when heard the microphone, the noise control

11, adjust the professional and technical personnel warded lock and safe use of parameters set the volume of the security;

12, can not be outside the range equipment can withstand (product specification) to use equipment.

13, a day before using equipment use of personnel must be safety inspection equipment.

In order to avoid in the artificial factors to cause you unnecessary loss and normal business. Please in strict accordance with the above requires the use of equipment. When the equipment malfunction, is not necessarily equipment quality problems, please according to the above method before repair service inspection equipment, to be determined after failure, should avoid equipment failure happen again. For your safety and normal use of equipment, we will be willing to provide you with professional technical support services. Thank you for using our products.