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Look from the music era of entity and the digital age

2015-12-26 17:05:00 admin 757

In what is now a lot of BBS audio and music enthusiasts, often see CD etc. Dead such talk, actually this kind of speech has often appear from two or three years ago.

A person who likes music, largely a don't want to see the record industry's decline, although compared with a decade ago just appeared, MP3 download the music industry because of piracy problem had already been a headache for everyone.

With the demise of the CD industry, as for people who like classical, many records have been gradually introduced. Or if you want to buy of the original version or the introduction of excellent, its difficulty is bigger and bigger, so the problem of depressing - we want to hear the original music, but most of the time out of helpless, can only go to download pirated audio source.

These have a great relationship with the advent of the era of intelligence, so I saw the music from the plates of the tape to CD developed into one small file now, a mobile phone to save a thousands of music is now to be sure it is not anything new.

As a digital music the first winners, apple's iTunes music Store price is not expensive, at least once compared the original records, or is a lot cheaper. And most of the music website in our country's membership, such as: QQ music, music, cool dog baidu and so on, then download the price relative to the entity of the album download price must be cheap, and it is cheap.

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