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CAF 2018 Vietnam International Audio Exhibition

2018-04-07 16:33:00 admin 842

These days are the annual BROADCAST & AV 2018 International Audio Show in Vietnam.

After rooting several years in the Southeast Asian market, Kafu Professional Audio has been iteratively upgraded on the CAF Brand 2.0 Global Plan and the 2018 Global Product and Service, and was invited to participate in the BROADCAST & AV 2018 International Audio Show.

At the exhibition, Kafu professional audio Southeast Asia colleagues and Vietnamese partners, work together to add a lot of highlights to the show, and It also laid a good foundation for further deep cooperation between the two sides in some markets in Southeast Asia.

At the Show, the general manager of Kafu Audio and the Vietnamese partners said, “We should work together and be perseverance - pick up the sleeves, work together, come on!"

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