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Amplification of Industrial park

2016-06-23 16:53:00 admin 1097
As wide industrial park pavilion designated special audio equipment provider, Kafu audio dedicates CAF brand amplification system shows stable performance and excellent quality of qingyuan city government leadership and broad garden management into member generally agree that this gives Kafu CAF more confidence, believe that good stereo equipment and technical services to wide investment to clear the garden project results and bring more positive influence.

Experience in pursuit of the perfect effect, Kafu CAF technical personnel to do A detailed computer simulations of the acoustics, clear industrial park pavilion widely for elaborate design A set of sound system, including to accommodate more than 200 people of multi-functional conference room, sand table displays, corridor channel audio, adopted the high-end atmosphere white appearance of LV speakers, with marcos Kafu independent research and development production of A series of power amplifier, low frequency full, rich vocal magnetic, high frequency solid bright; Box body USES the high strength plate with seamless combination structure make the sound more fully clear, faster; Hang complete set, can meet various special environment of the installation.

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