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Smart home:New development trend

2015-12-25 17:25:00 admin 861

Analysis and foreign media reported that at present a lot of smart home system that has been available, most of the required or is forced to face the "forklift upgrades (the fork - lift upgrade)", which means the user in order to obtain the benefits of new technology, must replace the old with the new equipment hardware - a hardware technology to fly in the sky, that is enough.

With Google's intelligent household brand Nest launch intelligent smoke alarm, for example. This is a simple design of the equipment, can carry out remote control via mobile devices, but to achieve this, you must use the completely replace the original smoke alarm.

Or Kafu acoustics (CAF) of smart home shadow plan, its main purpose is to change home audio and video, that who is the one who threaten - that is the original home audio and video, to a certain extent also slightly affect the KTV and operating theaters.

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