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"2006 factory research and development production and marketing integration"

Kafu acoustics co., LTD., established, fully exploit the wholesale business, establish a nationwide sales network. Create "CAF" professional audio brand at the same time, become one of the earliest professional audio companies under its own brand name. In the same year, the establishment of sound box factory and electronics factory, make research and development, production and sales integration platform dedicated to professional audio national brand, CAF products to all over the world.

Quality is the foundation of enterprise existence, Kafu in factory has established quality management department at the same time, strictly enforce the ISO9001:2008 quality management system standards, from raw materials procurement, for each production process to implement strict monitoring system, vigorously promotes the every detail, ensure quality 100% qualified. Kafu production equipment using the German advanced automatic SMT, high-speed layer automatic assembly, debugging, testing, aging process the same assembly line work. Acoustic simulation software at the same time, the application of German authority EASE4.1 auxiliary products research and development design, gather famous design and innovative technology, exquisite detail only for users with excellent sound.

Kafu success and self-confidence derived from the brand extends the real connotation of its own. The overall shape of product carefully polished every detail, all the professional quality of marcos Kafu and excelsior spirit; Advanced equipment and traditional craftsmanship products unique cultural taste; Aesthetic principle combined with human body engineering, ensure that marcos Kafu products both aesthetic and practical. Even imported unit, box into Kafu before go through rigorous testing, ensure optimal performance of the product.

Housing production is excellence, spray painting, grinding, case processing, such as a set of strict process, materials accurately, ensure high quality. , by the end of the first professional power amplifier in the overall quality appraisal, Kafu is lead to 12 composite indicator of absolute advantage, become one of the first "A" standard amplifier brand. In addition, through more than ten years industry positive exploration and accumulation, Kafu mastered the core of karaoke and entertainment products and technology application, scientific design for karaoke singing throat feeling, relaxed smooth germans, sound system, new proposition to lead a happy life.