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【2010 channels mature good news】

Many agents, channel sales layout mature; As the specified audio provider, to participate in the guangzhou Asian games multiple venues.

In the management of the company under the correct leadership, the management team to carry out their duties diligently, prudent and pragmatic style of management, through to the national policy, market, in-depth study of industry changes, accurately grasp the pace of development, adjust sales strategy, lead all staff work together, after ten years market double the baptism and test, made a brilliant performance and achievements. Company with a clear development strategy planning, standardized and transparent corporate governance and excellent business performance, by the government, market, industry, investors and the social public widely recognized. From domestic and international numerous agents, channel sales layout is becoming mature.

Motor roar, spray 4 splash, attention to 2008 - international F1 motorboat world championships in liuzhou, there are from the United States, Russia, France, Italy, Australia, Sweden, Finland and other 11 countries and regions of 24 boat, Kafu for F1 motorboat grand prix design a set of advanced audio system, can overcome rowing level loud background noise, at the same time meet the needs of large-scale field long distance. With excellent function and leading technology, Kafu sound perfect deduce passion F1 motorboat RACES, highlights the Kafu "passion, the music I have" brand idea!

Kafu sound actively participate in the 2010 guangzhou Asian games related project of form a complete set of equipment supply, technical support and system services. And has become the central television brand shows the same song, avenue of stars, the field performance lighting sound specified cooperation manufacturer, at the same time, li yuchun, emil chau, jiang yuheng, was successfully held Zhou Bohao domestic and international numerous star concert, etc. Majestic played, luxury, orgiastic night star style; Selected quality, very much, marcos Kafu sound for you fall in love.

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