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【2016 innovation brand strategy】

To introduce new production line integrating r&d and production resources.The creative thinking branding intensify popularization.

The company's management team and staff mature, standardized operation, management transparency; Kafu after cultivation and construction of enterprise culture, cohesion and centripetal force further improve, create a harmonious atmosphere, the people thought into, the employee morale, development potential is tremendous, shows a tendency of continuous, healthy and stable development.

Company development strategy target, and the annual business plan together, through the process control to achieve strategic target. The implementation of the annual business plan for quarterly, semiannual period index, each department plans to refine and decomposition, to strengthen the business plan. Between departments to keep the coordination, consistency of business plan indicators. By establishing a quarter operating system analysis meeting, regular check, the analysis management plan implementation, overall operation control co. LTD., improving operation management ability.

Company in process management, performance appraisal management as the implementation of company development strategy planning and operation plan of important tool and means, strengthen the fusion performance appraisal management and process management, promote the scientific nature of the business plan and performance assess the efficiency of the dynamic management. Process management by means of plan, the in-depth various business link in real estate development, highlight the core link and the control of the critical path, refinement, operational efficiency, the purpose of further management.

After 16 years of hone and accumulation, the company has a certain brand advantage, capital advantage, talent advantage and management advantages, adjustment in the market for the company to low-cost expansion, and achieve sustained, healthy and stable development provides a rare opportunity. Kafu have embarked on a channel of rapid development, the scale operation, the efficient operation of a new page. In this process, marcos Kafu who will continue to seize the opportunities, overcome challenges, in the continuous, healthy and rapid development constantly to mature, brilliant achievements, for the steady growth of the company's performance to make more positive contribution.

Looking to the future, the company will be guided by the sustainable development, balance with brand promotion and operation as the main line, adhere to professional audio as the main body, civil sound and engineering construction as the two wings, the implementation of performance goal orientation, strengthen the process control, perfect the supervision, innovation incentive mode, and improve the mechanism of talents, promote and ensure the rapid and steady growth of business. Strive to keep the return on net assets under the premise of not less than the industry average, using five years to make the enterprise business revenue reached 10 million yuan, total assets of more than 50 million yuan.