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Kafu professional audio, operating more than 10 years, still bases in the domestic professional audio field. We have built up mature products technology, high quality production and service system. Kafu product is successfully applied in the domestic and foreign public entertainment market, government affairs business conference, public cultural and sports market. All these rich and outstanding industrial achievements lay Kafu in the leading position of the audio industry.

Kafu professional audio is located near the Nan Guo Peach blossom Park in the beautiful tourist and leisure resort. We have garden type factory environment, standard loudspeaker workshop,carpentry shop,painting workshop,electronic workshop ect. And we collect the first-class professional and technical personnel and management talents in China.

Quality Connotation

  • Exquisite details only for users with excellent sound

    Cafu success and confidence comes from the brand extends the connotation of the quality of its own. The overall shape of product carefully polished every detail, the professional quality of marcos cafu and all things Excelsior spirit; Advanced equipment and traditional craftsmanship products unique cultural taste; Aesthetic principle combined with human body engineering, ensure that marcos cafu products both aesthetic and practical. Even imported units into cafu body before go through rigorous testing, ensure optimal performance of the product.

    Team Style

  • The first-class audio brand

    Under the precondition of market standardization, cafu stick with human and institutional and management means to guide and request every employee, harmonious development is marcos cafu has always uphold the business philosophy, the company to "innovative, diligent, steadfast, enthusiasm, adhere to the" spirit of enterprise as marcos cafu. Adhering to create "the international first-class professional audio brand" of faith, cafu in technology research and development, market development, design, installation, high-value brand construction and so on, gradually grow into a domestic professional audio industry benchmarking. Cafu, a confident, passionate, make concerted efforts, innovative team of professionals, will use open field of vision and inclusive heart to meet the future more opportunities and challenges, maintain the entrepreneurial passion and vitality, striving, climb to new heights!

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